1st June 2019 - version 0.8.0

Change notes

Release notes page

Welcome to the new page! We will publish the latest changes here for each version update.

Campaigns and Messages

We have reworked how the old campaigns worked and created a new campaign which is a collection of related email messages. These campaigns can be assigned to Groups which have a selection of Themes and Segmentation assigned to them. This should help organising campaigns and messages better along with enabling multiple teams to work on the same system without seeing things that are not relevant to them.

Message access

All messages are now created and assigned to a campaign which belongs to a group. Anybody in the group can see and modify these email messages. This should allow anyone in your group to pick up a message and update it.

Old campaign migration

Due to the change above, all existing campaigns are now archived. A new group has been created called "Archive", all of your previous emails are now in a campaign called "Archive". To get access to these emails, you will need to add yourself to the "Archive" group. Please note that archived emails cannot be duplicated outside of the archived campaign.

Group updates

The group manager page in the admin now allows you to assign themes and segments to them. This is used when a new message is created for a campaign. It will only allow the themes and segments to be used that the campaign group has access to.

User manager

We have added a user manager page to the admin that allows Super Admins to manage users. This allows you to see a full list of registered users, flag an account as active or inactive, assign users to groups and set their access level.

Out of date themes

One of the key issues we have had during Beta is handling changes to the core themes when messages are being duplicated. If an older version of the template had issues which have since been fixed, duplicating the old message meant it inherited the old issues. To prevent this, we now flag messages as out of date when their creation date is before the latest changes made to the theme. This will prevent duplicating the message for this reason and a new one will need to be created to pick up the new changes.

Bug fixes

A number of small fixes have been completed which are listed below

  • Text vanishing in editor box - This was down to white text being on a white background when editing. We have forced this text to be black now.
  • Template issues - most of these were related to old themes being used and prompted the date check
  • Last edited dates - These are now working as expected
  • Few button updates to remove blue background when focused

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